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We manufacture top and anvil knives for the winders and rewinders of the following papermaking machines:

Beloit Valmet Voith
  Jagenberg ECH Will Tidland
  and all other manufacturers.

We etch each knife with the type of alloy and special treatment used when applicable. This allows for closer tracking of our products' performance. Knives are manufactured with the tolerances defined by our customers. This allows us to supply non-standard products for highly specific purposes.

The durability of the anvil knives with their solid carbide ring is increasingly recognized among users.

We manufacture this type of knife on a large scale and our customers appreciate their exceptional quality, competitive price and our fast delivery time. The most commonly used products are always in stock.

We also have agreements with regular customers to keep a reserve stock of less common items, on condition these firms agree to use the items within a reasonable period. Our manufacturing standards are among the highest in the industry. Our prices are competitive and our outstanding flexibility is what every customer is looking for.