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Reputation forged in steel

Simonex was established in 1989 from the converging visions of a core group of experienced workers and a business leader who regarded customer service as paramount.

The young company began by manufacturing circular knives of exceptionally fine quality, after identifying a market niche for this product.

From a small group to a company... to a team!

Simonex has always made a point of conducting the tests requested by the many companies looking to increase productivity. We have often had to solve problems related to precision, finish or delivery in order to meet the requirements of customers facing their own challenges or deadlines.

In this way, Simonex has gradually gained confidence and earned the trust of companies of all sizes. New areas of expertise were introduced as a result. Over the years, new products have been developed and innovative technologies introduced, to increase the durability of our manufactured products.

Today we are continuing on this path, working with all the companies that have helped us advance. Why not give us a chance to do more... for you.